• July 21, 2024

At a recent conference in Riyadh, UiPath CEO Rob Enslin announced that the company is opening its first office in Saudi Arabia. Enslin noted the physical presence will support AI-driven intelligent automation projects that the Kingdom has identified as vial to its growth.

Enslin made the announcement in his keynote address at the LEAP 2024 tech event and, in addition to the office, also announced UiPath was partnering with the Saudi Digital Academy to launch the first Saudi School of Automation. The program is a three-month long intensive curriculum developed by UiPath to build automation developer skills in the region.

“AI and automation can help unlock our nearly limitless potential as humans,” Enslin said in his keynote. “UiPath strives to accelerate human achievement by creating the tools that allow people to see new possibilities, think bigger, and achieve more—for better workplaces and a better world. Automation isn’t just about efficiency, it’s about opening resources to tackle head on some of society’s biggest challenges like climate change, healthcare access, and sustainability. In strengthening our presence in the Kingdom and launching the Saudi School of Automation, UiPath is demonstrating its commitment to Saudi Arabia by supporting digital transformation and enabling the next era of human achievement, augmented by AI and automation.”