• April 21, 2024

UiPath has announced new AI-powered updates to its automation platform that it unveiled in Las Vegas this week. The company says it has combined specialized AI solutions with generative AI features enabling businesses to build better automations using natural language prompts that have become increasingly integrated into automation technology since Chat GPT was introduced to the public last year. UiPath has dubbed the set of updated capabilities, which are being previewed by select customers, “Project Wingman.”  

“Project Wingman brings together our AI Computer Vision’s deep understanding of computer screens with generative AI. Using simple natural language prompts, users can uncover endless possibilities by creating automations that combine specialized AI trained with proprietary data with the intelligence of Generative AI,” said Dr. Edward Challis, head of AI Strategy at UiPath. “At UiPath, our mission is to allow every employee to unlock new potential and automate all knowledge work.”

The company is demonstrating the AI enhancements to its technology at Ai4 2023 in Las Vegas where the responsible adoption of AI will be an important theme. UiPath is slated to be involved in several conference sessions on the topic.