• June 19, 2024

A new report notes that while overall IT spending by U.K. companies is decreasing, automation expenditures are rising, highlighting the value organizations are seeing from the technologies.

The 2021 ISG Provider Lens™ Intelligent Automation – Solutions and Services report ($) finds that U.K. companies responded to Covid-19 by implementing conversational AI and intelligent document processing, while pandemic-induced supply-chain shocks to the economy resulted in pullbacks of other tech solutions.

“Labor shortages, supply chain issues and energy costs give companies more reason to use intelligent business automation,” said James Ewing, U.K. director for ISG Automation. “Over the next several years, British enterprises are likely to seek more automation solutions and services to become more efficient and reach customers through new channels.”

The report also notes the ongoing trend of low- and no-code solutions empowering non-technical staff to develop their own AI-based automation solutions, or variations on existing ones, through drag-and-drop methods, minimal code changes, or access to libraries of existing user cases, data, and code.