• July 21, 2024
DoE Leverages Intelligent Automation, Downplays Risk of Displacing Humans

Federal government officials, who have been active in implementing AI-infused intelligent automation solutions since their introduction more than a half-decade ago, do not see a future where AI replaces human employees.

At a recent event sponsored by the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center, Amy Hamilton, senior cybersecurity adviser for policy and programs at the Department of Energy (DoE) told the audience in no uncertain terms that AI technology is not advanced enough, at the moment, to displace human workers in large numbers.

“Automation will not replace humans,” Hamilton said during a panel discussion at the event. “What it’s going to do is enable us and make it better. Every single time I see the stats on the cybersecurity workforce — trust me, there is more than enough work to go around. Don’t worry about your job going away from AI. AI is just going to be your personal assistant and help you even more.”

Hamilton’s DoE has an AI inventory that shows four ways the agency leverages intelligent automation software, while another leverages automation and robotics for “accelerating hardware development and interpretation of sensor data to improve process reliability.”