• July 20, 2024
SS&C Blue Prism Launches Next Gen Platform

SS&C Blue Prism announced recently that it has released the first version of a brand new, hybrid cloud-native intelligent automation platform called SS&C Blue Prism Next Generation. In an upcoming interview with Automation Today, SS&C Blue Prism’s global senior vice president of Product and Strategy Colin Redbond said the company has been working on the new platform since before its acquisition by SS&C.

Cloud-native architecture makes Next Gen more efficient to deploy and operate, the company said, but businesses are also able to keep digital workers behind firewalls on their secure infrastructure enhancing their ability to maintain security compliance. It will also include generative AI working alongside and across the automation features that comprise the platform. AI will support faster automation development, and more efficient decision-making. It will also make it easier to work with unstructured data like emails.

“Although 87 percent of organizations have accelerated their investments in cloud-hosted automation services in the past year, many organizations still face a number of barriers,” Redbond noted. “Next Gen’s hybrid deployment model addresses this issue head-on, equipping customers with the latest IA capabilities needed to create value for customers and employees. SS&C Blue Prism Next Gen enables organizations to reduce infrastructure overheads, quickly adapt to changing priorities, scale more effectively, and upgrade digital workers on demand while satisfying the necessary industry security and compliance requirements.”