• July 21, 2024
UiPath Announces New LLMs, ‘Context Grounding’ to Enhance GenAI Capabilities

At a recent virtual event, executives from intelligent automation technology provider UiPath announced several additions to its platform that its said will enable users to get the most out of the generative AI capabilities that are increasingly found in process automation software solutions. Importantly, the company stressed that training the Large Language Models (LLMs) that underpin the generative AI systems being integrated in automation platforms with industry-specific knowledge and context to increase the trust users have in GenAI.

People have marveled over the capabilities generative AI has unleashed, but many are concerned that its output is not always accurate. At the virtual AI Summit, UiPath announced new LLMs developed specifically for its automation platform. DocPATH and CommPATH are extensively and specifically trained for process automation, making prompt generation simpler. The company also said it will incorporate “context grounding” into its AI Trust Layer to improve the accuracy of the new AI models by giving them more access to company-specific datasets.

“Businesses need an assortment of AI models, the best in class for every task, to achieve their full potential. Our new family of UiPath LLMs, along with Context Grounding to optimize GenAI models with business specific data, provide accuracy, consistency, predictability, time to value, and empower customers to transform their business environments with the latest GenAI capabilities on the market,” said Graham Sheldon, Chief Product Officer at UiPath. “These new features ensure that AI has the integrations, data, context, and ability to take action in the enterprise with automation to meet our customers’ unique needs.”