• July 25, 2024

When the U.K. left the European Union in 2016, the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland became an EU/UK border, complicating crossing between the two significantly. An Irish pastry supplier recently implemented an AI-driven intelligent automation solution to reduce the time spent on customers paperwork that had been delaying deliveries, potentially resulting in spoiled food—another example of how automation can benefit manufacturing and logistics.

Portumna Pastry said it has implemented “purpose-built AI” from intelligent automation technology provider ABBYY to accelerate the customs clearance process. The solution uses intelligent document processing technology to extract data from transportation and logistics documents so it can be submitted into national customs systems automatically and accurately. ABBYY said it worked with global carriers, freight forwarders, logistics providers and other partners to simplify processes in the vital import/export vertical.

“Manufacturers no longer need to rely on brokerage firms to get their goods across international borders and into consumers’ households,” said Neil Murphy, chief sales officer at ABBYY. “They can take control over their customs operations by working with ABBYY and strategic solution partners to put their information to work.”