• May 29, 2024
Appian Launches Updated Platform with Enhanced Process Mining and GenAI Capability

Low-code application development platform provider Appian said recently it has released its newest version. The McLean, Va.-based said the highlight of the new release is Process HQ, a process intelligence tool that integrates enterprise AI, enabling more visibility into a business’s processes and operations. The new version also improves its generative AI functionality with a prompt builder. Customers also can use the improved platform to glean insights and create reports using enterprise data.

“Process Mining has been held back by two problems—expensive and often subjective manual data prep because even ‘standard’ systems have been customized, and then limited tools to resolve the process bottlenecks you uncover,” says Michael Beckley, CTO & Founder, Appian. “Process HQ integrates Appian Data Fabric to reduce manual data prep and is unified with Appian process automation so getting from insight to action has never been easier.”

Appian AI Copilot, a generative AI tool that enables users to provide prompts in natural language, has been improved. The company said it can generate data for individual records and for complex sets of related records as well as automate test case generation—one of the most time-consuming tasks developers face.