• May 29, 2024
Torq Launches Automation Solution for Cybersecurity SOCs

Use cases for software automation continue to proliferate and, often, they are recognized by startups that launch by catering to a specific application. Torq, founded in 2020 as a platform to automate cybersecurity functions has launched Torq HyperSOC, a solution that uses AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make investigation, triage and remediation of cybersecurity events faster and more efficient. The company said the solution is the first purpose-built automation platform for businesses that use a security operations center (SOC) to protect their networks and data.

Torq said the solution is designed for analysts, engineers, and managers in Security Operations manually dealing with triage, false positives, incident investigation, and response. SecOps professionals can use generative AI to prompt the system to automatically investigate threat severity, and implement the best escalation and strategic resolution strategies possible.

“SOC professionals are facing existential challenges, both in terms of keeping up with ever-escalating threat complexity and volume, and the incredible burden that places on the shoulders of their teams,” said Chris Kissel, vice president of Security & Trust Products for IDC Research. “Torq HyperSOC is the first solution we’ve seen that effectively enables SOC professionals to mitigate issues, including alert fatigue, false positives, staff burnout, and attrition. AI augmentation capabilities empower these staff members to be much more proactive about fortifying the security perimeter.”