• May 29, 2024
UiPath Tabs SAP Automation Vet Schrötel to Lead Product Strategy

UiPath has named automation veteran Sebastian Schrötel to lead the company’s strategy for products including UiPath Autopilot, UiPath Studio and UiPath Integration Service.  Schrötel, who reports to CPO Graham Sheldon, comes to UiPath from SAP where he most recently served as Head of Product for Application Development, Automation and Integration.

As a founding member of SAP’s Machine Learning initiative and instrumental in developing SAP’s first AI-based automation solutions, Schrötel’s experience will drive product development at UiPath as it continues to expand its AI-based automation offering.

“His deep experience at SAP in building impactful solutions for the developer community will be invaluable as UiPath continues to innovate and find new ways to integrate AI and automation,” said Sheldon. “Sebastian will lead UiPath Autopilot, which combines generative AI and specialized AI to enhance productivity and democratize automation across the enterprise. Our Autopilot experience for developers and testers levels up efficiency in UiPath Studio, Apps, and Test Suite. In addition, his knowledge and skills will be critical in supporting customers with hybrid and multi-cloud strategies as UiPath enters the iPaaS market.”