• May 29, 2024
Software AG Launches AI ‘Companion’ for Process Intelligence

German software giant Software AG has launched an AI-powered process mining assistant called ARIS AI Companion it says will more easily enable business line employees to analyze and map business processes and identify inefficiencies in those processes using the plain language prompts popularized by generative AI solutions like Chat GPT.

The company said the ARIS AI Companion enables non-technical business users to prompt the system to accomplish relevant tasks or unearth information (e.g., “find the anomalies in our purchase-to-pay process” or “what are the biggest bottlenecks in our distribution networks”). The company also said users can enter natural language prompts to automatically generate process models.

“Businesses ultimately need to be more competitive and differentiate,” said Dr Stefan Sigg, Chief Product Officer at Software AG. “The barrier is that they often have a sense of what to do, but the complexity of their organization prevents them from identifying clear areas of improvement. As they attempt to deeper analyze their key business processes, adoption of sophisticated yet accessible, process modelling and process mining tools is necessary. Introducing AI assistance into ARIS will accelerate and simplify this initiative. Using natural language prompts to extract specific insights from process data is a really sharp weapon for teams to create sustainable business success.”