• June 19, 2024

A common lament for tech firms of all kinds, especially since Covid emerged but existing for several years before that, is a scarcity of skilled workers to fill open positions. For RPA and others in the automation space, which doesn’t have a formal educational track at the university level, the problem is even more acute. Low-code automation platform provider Appian announced a partnership it hopes will help. The Virginia-based organization has partnered with Revature to train entry-level workers on its platform.

Revature is a training company with a unique model. It hires recent college graduates, pays them, trains them in high-demand software skills and deploys them to work part-time or full-tie for Revature clients in diverse industries. Appian said Revature will train its employees on the Appian Low-Code Platform, creating a pipeline of skilled talent for its customers and partners.

“We are thrilled to partner with Appian, the company at the forefront of the low-code industry,” said Ashwin Bharath, CEO at Revature. “Appian training and certification is launching careers for a new generation of developers helping drive business transformation initiatives. This partnership is focused on creating trained and qualified Appian developers to fill the talent gap for Appian customers and partners.”