• July 24, 2024

Canadian software provider Blueprint Software Systems this week unveiled a solution it says aims to help companies move on from unsuitable RPA technology. While automation technology has provided significant value to many companies, some organizations find they have purchased RPA technology that doesn’t achieve initial expectations. Changing platforms, however, is expensive and often requires devoting resources to manual recoding.

“Many organizations seeking to automate business processes were quickly enamored with the promises of RPA and rushed into purchasing a platform that is no longer working for them,” said Blueprint CEO Dan Shimmerman. “With our re-platforming solution, we’ve been able to help large organizations move massive automation estates from one major RPA platform to another, saving them thousands of hours of recoding time and millions of dollars in maintenance costs—and ultimately feeling better about their RPA buying decision.”

Blueprint specializes in process analysis. The company says its technology can centralize and analyze all an organization’s process automation data enabling it to determine exactly how much of its automated processes are directly mappable into the destination RPA tool. If processes can be automatically mapped from one RPA system to another, re-platforming can be accomplished much more efficiently and cost-effectively, the company said.