• July 25, 2024

As RPA evolves, it is becoming increasingly apparent that process intelligence is a vital part of any automation strategy and RPA vendors are expected to provide tools that make it possible. The most recent indication of this trend comes in the form of an announcement that Automation Anywhere will acquire FortressIQ.

Process intelligence enables organizations to identify which processes can and should be automated, reveals bottlenecks and inefficiencies in processes and reduces operating costs. Automation Anywhere said adding San Francisco-based Fortress IQ’s technology and expertise in process mining  and discovery will enable its users to be more efficient about what business processes they automate and when they choose to do so.

“Today, organizations face a tough reality – either automate quickly to remain relevant and thrive in an increasingly digitized world or face the sheer number of broken business processes resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Maureen Fleming, program vice president for IDC in a statement. “Process intelligence should be at the forefront of any transformation effort, and this acquisition unites two cloud pioneers in each process automation and discovery to jump-start automaton efforts at any company, build automations at speed, and break through logjams, resulting in desired business outcomes.”  

The companies did not disclose the financial details of the acquisition.