• July 21, 2024

Automation Anywhere has partnered with the largest energy company in Brazil to surface millions in cost savings using intelligent automation. According to an interview in Energy, the San Jose, Calif.-based automation software provider has partnered with Petrobras to implement AI-driven process automation solutions that have saved the huge oil and gas company $120 million.

Petrobras has more than 45,000 employees and has been engaged in deepwater oil and gas exploration for more than 70 years. It identified the need for intelligent automation to increase the accuracy of its tax filings and has adapted the technology for other back-office processes as well.

“Many companies are just beginning to see how fast massive savings can be realized with generative AI-powered automation,” Adi Kuruganti, CPO at Automation Anywhere, told Energy. “We are excited to continue collaborating with Petrobras to scale automation throughout their company, to achieve greater cost savings with improved speed and accuracy and empower their employees to focus on higher-value work because of AI.”