• July 21, 2024
Automation Startup Says AI Will Revolutionize Consulting, Nabs $15 Million Seed Round

A Chicago-based startup leveraging AI to automate business processes has received $15 million in seed funding from Erie Street Growth Partners. Quantum Rise, founded by veteran tech entrepreneur Alex Kelleher, said it is taking a “Consulting 2.0” approach to working with clients that taps generative and traditional AI solutions to automate workflows and provide process intelligence.

Kelleher, who spent time at Deloitte Digital in addition to previous startups including Cognitive Match, said in an interview in TechCrunch that AI was going to significantly impact the consulting business and automation would be a huge part of that.

“The entire consulting industry is about to come crashing to the ground because it’s built on people’s time and lack of automation,” he said “We will bring heavy engineering to the space. The number of CEOs of these $300 million companies who do not know where to start is enormous. They cannot afford the Deloittes of this world. That’s where we come in. They want somebody to come in and just automate the company and make it happen.”