• July 21, 2024
Hebbia Nets $130 Million Series B Round for AI Agents

Hebbia, a New York City startup founded during the height of the Covid years, announced it has secured $130 million in new funding. The Series B round, led by Andreesen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Index Ventures and Peter Thiel, will support Hebbia’s ambition to take generative AI-based automation beyond chatbots.

The company says its platform builds AI agents, mainly for financial services and law firms, that let human workers ask AI agents complex questions associated with internal documents including spreadsheets, Word documents or audio transcripts. It takes prompts and breaks them down into smaller actions that the LLM can execute. The platform also lets users know each step to understand how it got to the final answer.

“We’ve built AI that works the way you work, and a new interface that shows its work,” said George Sivulka, Hebbia’s founder and CEO, in a blog post. “Designed for the knowledge worker, Hebbia lets you instruct AI agents to complete tasks exactly the way you do them – no task too complex, no dataset too large, and with full flexibility and transparency of a spreadsheet (or a human analyst!).

I’m excited for a world of unbound progress– one where AI agents contribute more to global GDP than every human employee.”