• July 21, 2024
CallSine Launches AI-Enabled Sales Email Campaign Automation

A Philadelphia-based startup that targets email automation using artificial intelligence announced its launch recently. CallSine’s platform integrates with organizations’ CRM systems to personalize and send emails to sales prospects at scale.

Automating the process of sending emails was one of the first task RPA was directed at. But generative AI has enabled businesses to automate the task of composing persona-based sales outreach campaigns and messages. CallSine said its platform trains large language models (LLMs) on a seller’s products, services and key marketing messages and intelligently merges them with the sales targets to craft entire email campaigns instantly.

“At CallSine, we elevate sales communications by leveraging RAG and our automated intelligence-gathering tools to research additional data points and craft cohesive, personalized messages,” said Logan Kelly, founder and president of CallSine. “Unlike generic AI tools, we build a detailed knowledge base about your company and prospects. This allows us to use AI to generate truly relevant and tailored messaging beyond acknowledging a prospect’s standard profile information.”