• July 21, 2024
Atomatik Focuses Intelligent Automation on Data Migration

A New York City-based startup that provides low- and no-code intelligent automation solutions announced new capabilities focused specifically on data migration. Atomatik said the new functionality uses Leveraging Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help companies as they automate processes involved in selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data and permanently transferring it from one computer storage system to another.

Businesses are constantly engaged in upgrades to their systems to take advantage of the revolution in AI so they can gather, store, and analyze more and more data to draw insights and make decisions better and faster. Efficient data migration and management  is at the core of these continuous upgrades.

Atomatik said that the data migration capabilities of its intelligent automation platform automatically manage every phase of the migration from initial data extraction to final validation. The ETL and RPA capabilities help companies transfer large amounts of data quickly and efficiently when migrating from one data center to another.