• July 21, 2024
OPEN Health, Fusion Partner to Bring AI and Automation to Pharma Companies

OPEN Health, a U.K.-based consultant to pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations, announced a partnership with fusion, a technology provider for the industry that will enable its clients to leverage AI and automation. OPEN Health said the partnership with fusion will enable it to deliver AI, ML, robotic process automation, and data analytics solutions for its clients that will drive higher value and improved outcomes.

The agreement expands on an existing relationship and the partners both understand how AI and automation solutions will be able to help pharmaceutical clients achieve more efficient operations.

Mary McGregor, Founder of fusion, commented, “OPEN Health provides an unrivaled platform to expand the AI agenda globally in our sector. Our longstanding relationship with OPEN Health leadership facilitated early conversations, enabling us to quickly market-test joint solutions, which led to a swift and unanimous decision to formalize this collaboration. This partnership empowers us to redefine the boundaries of what AI can accomplish in healthcare.”