• July 21, 2024
Reveille Update Integrates Monitoring Support for ABBYY and UiPath

Reveille Software, a Georgia-based company that offers a solution for managing and monitoring intelligent automation solutions leveraging Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, has released an updated version of its software.

The company noted that most large organizations use multiple intelligent automation platforms and having visibility to control and manage the way they interact is becoming more important. Specifically, Reveille said that the new version provides integrations with ABBYY and UiPath enabling users to better manage and monitor intelligent document processing and RPA functionality for businesses using platforms from those providers.

“Reveille’s new support for ABBYY and UiPath expands the agentless observability of intelligent automation platforms, delivering results in days and reducing operating risk—which represents a dramatic contrast to custom solutions built upon general-purpose monitoring tools or DIY approaches,” said Brian DeWyer, CTO for Reveille Software.

The company said the update also features new dashboards offering an integrated view of ECM, IDP, and RPA systems, enabling quicker response to service-level issues.