• July 24, 2024

A Malaysian software company has earmarked more than $12 million to establish an academy devoted to training tech talent in RPA. MTRE, a technology provider serving the mechanical, electrical, marine, civil, structure and IT engineering spaces, has agreed to fund an educational institution it says shows its commitment to and the importance of RPA, both in the region and globally.

According to Datuk Badrul Hisham Ramli, the company’s managing director, streamlining the RPA ecosystem in Malaysia and feeding a pipeline of talent his and other companies can tap into will benefit the adoption of automation technology.

A recent study from McKinsey highlighted the shortage of talent that has plagued RPA and intelligent automation in the same way it has affected other technology verticals. McKinsey urged companies to alter their thinking when it comes to finding and hiring automation talent. Organizations in need of talent, hope initiatives like the one at MTRE will ease the scarcity many companies are finding, in a growing industry.

“The establishment of the RPA academy will strengthen our commitment to creating a new workforce that the market desperately needs,” Ramli said at a recent virtual briefing. The company hopes to enroll and train 2,000 students annually.