• July 25, 2024

As RPA adoption continues to grow, the number and variety of companies providing services in the industry increases in tandem. The most recent addition in the open source category is Brooklyn, N.Y.-based OpenBots.

After launching development two years ago, OpenBots released its open source RPA tool suite last week. The company says its suite includes studio, server and discovery software that enables companies to build and manage RPA bots for free in an open source environment. OpenBots says it will charge customers for optional support, services, training and some enterprise tools.

“The RPA market was a natural fit for open source model since, unlike other enterprise software, most commercial RPA software requires extensive implementation, maintenance and support services on top of license costs,” according to Ashish Nangla, CTO of OpenBots, in a blog post on the release. “By some estimates for every $1 spent on RPA software almost $3 are spent on implementation and services. Open Source RPA Studio and Server gives flexibility to Enterprises to scale their RPA Automation programs without an exponential increase in their license costs. ”