• July 25, 2024

While recent RPA news understandably has been focused on how it can help the healthcare industry during a pandemic straining hospital resources, a new white paper argues that the oil and gas industry remains underserved.

Global consultancy Protiviti, which authored the paper, said about a third of energy and utilities firms can currently be classified as “RPA beginners.” These companies are applying new technology and automation in the field, but the authors say back offices in the industry are lagging.

“For oil and gas companies that have been playing a waiting game in deciding whether to initiate an RPA program and assess opportunities, it is time to consider kicking their RPA journey into higher gear,” the authors wrote in a corporate blog post. “RPA beginners are missing out on many valuable benefits that RPA can deliver far beyond cost savings, including increased productivity, a stronger competitive market position, better quality, greater speed and higher customer satisfaction.”