• July 21, 2024

The U.S. Navy is looking into a relatively new technology to solve an old problem. According to a report from the Federal News Network, the Navy’s digital warfare office is exploring generative AI and the advances it has brought to natural language processing (NLP) to help it automate the process of assigning security classifications to documents.

What the team found out, a Navy representative said at a recent conference, is no one technology is sufficient to automate this task.

According to David Broyles, research program director at the Center for Naval Analysis, how to automate data classification is a long-standing and thorny problem for the military. The amount of classified data grows exponentially each year. Many have looked to the tech as a catalyst for automation, but Broyles said it’s not a solution in and of itself.

“We have large language models; generative AI has burst on the scene,” he said. “And the question is, how much has changed? And to give you a little bit of a spoiler, the answer is really not much. It’s still really hard.”

The attraction of generative AI is the ability to describe for the system what you are looking for in your own words and have it understand and execute the request. Intelligent automation technology providers continue to integrate the technology trying to create the next generation of business process automation using models that fit the needs of specific industries and functions.